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* Events    Events - Tourism - Entertainment Events - Calendar - Parade - Family Fall Fest - Western Week - West Fest  03/25/2007     
5K    Events       Beeville 
Baseball    Events - Youth - Baseball       Beeville 
Bee Book Bonanza    Events       Beeville 
Bee County West Fest    Community - Events   02/26/2007    Beeville 
Carson Barnes Circus    Events       Beeville 
Chase Field Reunion    Events       Beeville 
Christmas Decorating Contest    Events       Beeville 
Coastal Bend Council of Native Americans Bee County    Events - Native Americans       Beeville 
County Wide Spring Trade Day - May 5, 2007    Events Yard Sale - Trade Day   05/03/2007     
Dodge Ball    Events       Beeville 
Holiday Extravaganza    Tourism - Events Holiday events the bring our community together  05/24/2007    Beeville 
July 4th 2007    Events - Tourism - Entertainment - July 4 2007- Holiday - VFW July 4th   06/07/2008     
July 4th 2008    Events - Tourism - Entertainment - July 4 2008- Holiday - VFW Events - Tourism - Entertainment - July 4 2008- Holiday - VFW  07/15/2008     
Ladies Night Out    Events       Beeville 
Leonid Meteor Shower    Events -       Beeville 
Military Day    Events       Beeville 
Miss Bee County    Events       Beeville 
NativeAmericans    Events - Native Americans       Beeville 
Pet Parade    Events       Beeville 
Relay For Life    Events       Beeville 
South Texas Car Show    Events       Beeville 
South Texas Trail Riders    Events - Horses - Trail Ride   01/25/2008    Corpus Christi 
Taste Of Beeville    Events       Beeville 
Taste Of Beeville1    Events       Beeville 
Veterans Day    Events       Beeville 
Veterans Memorial    Events - Veterans - Tourism - Community - Clubs Events - Veterans - Community - Clubs  07/26/2007    Beeville 
Walk America    Events       Beeville 
WestFest    Events       Beeville 

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