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* Real Estate Companies    Real Estate Company Real Estate Company - Real Estate Companies  06/01/2007     
Adele Brown Realestate    Real Estate     358-5997  Beeville 
Bee Realty    Real Estate     358-4448  Beeville 
Blueberry Hills Rentals, LLC    Real Estate - Housing   03/17/2006  358-3556/214-77--0867  2326 Hwy. 59 West, Beeville, TX, Dallas 
Dirks Associates    Real Estate   03/17/2006  362-3334  201 E Houston, Beeville 
Dirks Greentree Realty    Real Estate - Property Management - Farm and Ranch Real Estate Consultant Listing Agent Selling Agent Buyers Agent Leasing Agent Property Management Property Tax Arbitrator  06/28/2006  361-362-5007(Direct) 832-646-7277(Houston)  201 E Houston St (Hwy 59) , Beeville 
Gandy & Associates/Realtors    Real Estate   03/17/2006  358-8811  2611 S. Washington, Beeville 
Hilltop Mobile Home    Real Estate - Housing   03/17/2006  358-9595  N E Bypass 181, Beeville 
Horton Rental Homes    Real Estate       Beeville 
MGM Real Estate    Real Estate Real Estate  06/01/2007  361-358-2010  1303 N. Washington St., Beeville 
Park-Breidenbach Properties    Real Estate   08/09/2008  800-598-2204 / 358-2104  1502 NE Washington, Beeville 
Rabe Real Estate    Real Estate   03/17/2006  358-1255  401 E Houston, Beeville 
Town & Country Realty    Real Estate       Beeville 

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