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The Beeville Garden Clubs Yard of the Month

February 2008

The Beeville Garden Clubs Yard of the Month for February 2008 has been awarded to Sid & Martha Ileene Dugat. Their home is located at 500 E Corpus Christi. Twelve months of the year this yard is immaculately mowed, trimmed with a huge variety of plants & flowers. If you have not been to this location, please drop by to view this lush green yard and this lovely historical home which was built in 1911.

Numerous Oak Trees, Holly Fern, Boston Fern, Youpan Hollies, Indian Hawthorn, River Fern, Sago Palms, Neptidus along with many other plants are found at this location. Martha Ileene admits that Sid is the gardener in the family but receives moral support from her.

This is indeed a yard to enjoy all year.

2007 December

The December Beeville Garden Club Yard of the Month has been awarded to the home of Tom & Judy Healey at 811 E Gramman. Judy does admit that she is the garden in the family but Tom does give moral support for her many endeavors. A lush green lawn with a variety of trees with blooming Geraniums, Pansies, Butterfly Iris, Snapdragons, Society Garlic, Roses, Cosmos, Gerbera Daisies and many purple flowers that remain a mystery to her, are plentiful in this yard.

Pictured is Judy & her dog Max.

 November 2007

The November 2007 Beeville Garden Club's Yard of the month was awarded to Daryl & Carrie Wieding. Their home is located at 1301 E Hancock. Viewers will certainly enjoy the variety of blooming plants that can
be seen here.

The well manicured yard was landscaped by Daryl & Carrie when they moved to their new home. Saga Palms, Red, Orange & Yellow Hibiscus, Split Leaf Philodendrons, Pentads, birds of Paradise, Liriope Plants as well as other plants can be found. Pictured with Carrie is their daughter Alexis.


2007 October

A fall atmosphere caught the judges eye at the home of Susan & Jim Crumrine at 1011 N Ave C. They were selected as the Beeville Garden Club October Yard of the Month. Be sure to visit this location and enjoy the pumpkin display that adorns their front entrance. This perfectly manicures yard is maintained by both Susan & Jim.

Plants & trees that are found at this location are: Salvia, geraniums, Mandeville, Gerber daisy, polka dot, Mexican sage, hibiscus, bird of paradise roses (variety), coleus, vinca, caladiums, variety of ferns, bougainvillea, angelica, chives, sweet basil, spearmint, begonia, pony tails china doll, gardenia, live oak trees, pecan trees, palm trees, date palm trees, elm tree, fig trees, peach trees, apple tree, persimmon tree, jasmine, lavender & pinta.


2007 September

The August 2007 Beeville Garden Club Yard of the Month has been awarded to the Home of Rodney Lynch & Leslie Shepherd at 703 Newhall.

This colorful yard is nestled among two large Oak trees. Numerous potted plants adorn the front entrance and driveway. Asparagus Fern, Ficas, Jasmine, Redbird Plants, Airplane Plants, Mothernlaws Tongue, Kolanchos, Christmas Cactus, Geraniums Begonias, Palms, Boston Ferns, Angelwing Plants, Holly bushes & many Philadrums provide an array of colors that is certainly enjoyed by neighbors & motorist that travel Newhall St. The back yard is also adorned with many of the same plants that are found in the front yard. The planting & maintaining the yard is a job Leslie enjoys doing by herself.

2007 July

Home of Casey & Gail Salinas -

Palm Trees, Lantana, Hibiscus, Axora's Gardenia, Asian Lilies, Night Jasmine, Maid of Orleans Jasmine, Mexican Heather, Firecracers plants, Esparanza bushes, Bougainvillea, Gladiolas, Shrimp Plants, Plumbago, Monkey grass, Queen Palms, Magnolia trees, Pear tree, Orange tree, Bottle Brush plant, Crepe Myrtles, Before Now and Later plant, Durantas, Crown of Thorns, Flowering Plum trees, a Rose garden, and numerous other blooming plants that line the front entrance side walk.

This corner lot will certainly catch your attention as you approach this residence. Gail and Casey enjoy working in the yard as often


2007 May

The Beeville Garden Club May Yard of the Month was awarded to Art & Elva Flores on 1201 E Hutchinson.

The front yard features Philodendrons, Macho Ferns Maiden Ferns, Tropicana Cannas, Asian Jasmine, Caladiums, Fichus Trees, Bird of Paradise, Angel Trumpets, Sage Palms & Hibiscus. Numerous water features & statues adorn the grounds as well. The back yard features a Water Pond, Grape Arbor, Antique Roses, Pursaline, Elephant Ears Tiger Cannas, ginger and numerous other plants. Elva is the families full time Gardner with help from her husband, Art.

2007 January - Arbor Day at First United Methodist Church

Arbor Day Tree Planting at First United Methodist church January 2007 in memory of Ruby Knight

2007 C

2007 D


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