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Page Name: [541] BCAA Type: C Blank:
Category: Health - People - Tourism
Produces/Services: Provides Transportation Services
Address: 1701 NW Frontage Road | Beeville, TX 78102
Not Used P.O. Box 1540   Mail To: Corp
City: Beeville TX 78102
County: Aransas, Bee, Live Oak, McMullen, a
Phone: 361-358-5530 FAX: 361-358-8947
Beeville.Net Page : www.Beeville.Net/BCAA


Bee Community Action Agency
1701 N.W. Frontage Road
Beeville, Texas  78104


Bee Community Action Agency (BCAA) Transportation Gets a New Look

BCAA currently operates a Rural Public Transportation Program which is funded through the Texas Department of Transportation and is designed to provide transportation services to the general public access to public services, employment, education, shopping, recreation, and health care.  These services are provided through a demand response system with a 24-hour advance notice.  The service area includes Aransas, Bee, Live Oak, McMullen, and Refugio Counties.

Transportation Director - Alex Rodriguez





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