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Historical Sites
Beeville and Bee County

Information page for Historical Sites in Beeville and Bee County provide by the

If you have history, information, or pictures that you would like to add to Historical Sites please, contact [email protected] 

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Beeville & Bee County
business, information, history and more....


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Text only version of all the Historical Sites: Historical Sites FULL LIST (large document)

  • Bee County Courthouse, 105 West Corpus Christi Street. 
    Courthouse Bee County, Texas History
  • Praeger Building, Corner Washington and St. Mary's Street.
  • Commercial National Bank, 100 South Washington Street.
    Beeville Banking Center - First Prosperity Bank
  • The Railroad in Bee County, Intersection of West Bowie and North Madison Streets (site of Depot).
  • First United Methodist Church, 106 East Cleveland Street.
    FUMC Historical sign 1904 V.jpg (45797 bytes)
  • McClanahan House, 200 East Corpus Christi Street.
  • St. Philip's Episcopal Church, 311 East Corpus Christi Street.
  • The A.C. Jones Home, 611 East Jones.
  • William E. Madderra Home, 401 North Adams Street.
  • George Home, 801 North Adams Street.
  • First Baptist Church, 600 North St. Mary's Street. 
    First Baptist Church
  • First Presbyterian Church, 908 North Washington Street.
  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 609 East Gramman Street.
  • First National Bank, 1400 East Houston Street.

Rural Bee County:

  • NAS Chase Field, Buildings 1001, 1009, 1015, 1040, 1042, Quarters R and S, State Highway 202 toward Refugio. (National Register Listing)
  • Blanconia (Old N2) Church, State Highway 202, Southeast of Beeville.
  • Medio Creek, on U.S. Highway 59, East of Beeville.
  • Cadiz Baptist Church, FM Road 799 Northwest of Beeville.
  • Gentry Dugat (April 25, 1895 -- February 5, 1966) grave marker in Mineral Cemetery.
  • Town of Pettus, U.S. Highway 181 in roadside park, North of Pettus.
  • Bee County, 2 miles North of Pettus in roadside Park, U. S. Highway 181.
  • First Christian Church, corner of Walton and Commerce Streets, Pettus.
  • Park Hotel, on U. S. Highway 181, Tuleta. (Private property).
    Park Hotel - Tuleta, Texas
  • Tuleta, located near old Tuleta schoolhouse on U.S. Highway 181.
  • Medio Creek Bridge, located 1 mile West of Normanna on County Road 241.
  • Early Trails in Bee County, in roadside park on U. S. Highway 181, 3.6 miles North of Beeville. 
  • Captain A. C. Jones, Confederate marker in roadside park on U. S. Highway 181, 3.6 miles North of Beeville.
  • Aransas Creek Settlers, off U. S. Highway 181,South side of Aransas Creek ( South of Beeville).
  • Papalote Creek, on U. S. Highway 181, South of Papalote in roadside park, South of bridge. ( South of Beeville)

* Sites designated by marker, medallion or listing granted by recognized historical agency or organization.

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